Final Presentation

The final presentation of the Bridgeport Area Transportation and Land Use Study will be on June 30th 2021 at 7PM. See the flyer below for additional information regarding attendance.


Thank you for joining us at the April Virtual Meeting

We were pleased to have nearly sixty people attend our virtual meeting in April to learn more about the design alternatives being considered by the Bridgeport Project Team.

Survey 3: Final Alternatives

As a result of the insights gained from 191 participants in our final survey, the Bridgeport Crossroads Consultant Team and Steering Committee are hard at work preparing final design recommendations for the Bridgeport Crossroads Transportation and Land Use Study Report.

Final Presentation in early June

We expect to present these recommendations in early June and we will publish the date of a final presentation on this web site as soon as the details are finalized.


Welcome to Bridgeport Crossroads, a community planning website for the Bridgeport Transportation and Land Use Study. This is a planning initiative with a goal to enhance walkability, transportation, transit choices and neighborhood character within the Bridgeport area of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The project is a collaboration between East Lampeter Township, West Lampeter Township, Lancaster Township and the City of Lancaster, with the support of the County of Lancaster and PennDOT. This website is here to provide you with current information about this study and provide ways for you to share your ideas about how to improve Bridgeport as a place to live, work, play and shop. Bridgeport Crossroads will result in a master plan and four conceptual designs to improve streets, civic spaces, and transportation alternatives in Bridgeport. The project study area encompasses 3.2 square miles located within four municipalities: East Lampeter Township, West Lampeter Township, Lancaster Township and the City of Lancaster.

Map of Bridgeport Study Area with Existing Land Uses.

Currently, many of the roadways in the area experience traffic congestion, especially those at the crossroads of Lincoln Highway, Old Philadelphia Pike, Lampeter Rd and Pitney Road. Many of the roadways offer limited sidewalks, crosswalks, and are congested with commercial driveways, making it difficult for both pedestrians and vehicles to navigate the area safely. Although the area offers many trails and some shoulders to accommodate buggies, many of these accessways are too narrow and poorly linked to destinations and neighborhoods. Since Bridgeport is located within four municipalities and three school districts, this community has multiple and sometimes contradictory zoning and street design standards that make it difficult to create and implement planning initiatives.

Image of King Street/Lincoln Highway Bridge, Crossing the Conestoga River

Map of Bridgeport Municipal Boundaries

Map of Bridgeport and School District Boundaries

This transportation and land use study seeks to gather citizen, commuter, business and municipal leader opinions while creating implementation strategies that will enhance the sense of place and transportation networks in Bridgeport. Through online surveys and community meetings, the community is given a voice to guide the design team in the creation of strategies and conceptual designs to improve streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and trails. Outcomes are likely to address the design and coordination of travel lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes, crosswalks, bus transit services and architectural and landscape design standards to accomplish the project goals for Bridgeport.

Image of a Sample Section, illustrating an enhanced streetscape with sidewalks and street trees.

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